The Spread Running Game Academy

The Spread Running Game Academy

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A Quick Glance At The Spread Running Game Academy

The video above is an example of what you will receive when you order The Spread Running Game Academy.  We have put together 16 different videos covering our entire Spread Running Game Playbook. This course discusses all the major run concepts, focusing specifically on how to teach your offensive line and backs to execute this system. Watch it with your staff and your players. Learn the mindset and the process of play calling and game planning.  Our goal is that you enjoy this process.  The videos are packed full of information, they are entertaining, and easy to watch.

The entire course is now available for $189. I think this is a steal compared to what you would pay for this information at a clinic. This course includes 7 hours of focused content geared directly toward high school players and coaches. I know that budgets are tight, but this is an investment in your program and your kids that I know is going to pay off. Good Luck Coach!

The Air Raid Course is all about chucking the ball all around the yard. If you subscribe to our system, you know this is the best way to play, especially at the high school level. You are going to torch defenses with this passing game. But that means that you need a spread running game to take advantage of a numbers advantage in the box

In the Spread Running Game Academy, you will get 16 videos that are dedicated to coaching the spread running game. We will look at run game philosophy, break down different plays against different fronts, and talk about essential drills. I know that this course is going to be a great tool as you install and teach the spread running game. It’s an investment in your kids and your program that will pay off for years to come!

Lesson #1 – Introduction to the Spread Running Game
Lesson #2 – The Spread Running Game Philosophy
Lesson #3 – Inside Zone Chalk Talk
Lesson #4 – Inside Zone Cutups
Lesson #5 – Stretch Chalk Talk
Lesson #6 – Stretch Cutups
Lesson #7 – Dart Chalk Talk
Lesson #8 – Dart Cutups
Lesson #9 – Trap Chalk Talk
Lesson #10 – Trap Cutups
Lesson #11 – Counter Chalk Talk
Lesson #12 – Counter Cutups
Lesson #13 – Speed Option Chalk Talk
Lesson #14 – Speed Option and QB Run Game Cutups
Lesson #15 – Best Plays Against Each Front
Lesson #16 – Essential Drills

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