The Air Raid Playbook - Simplified for High School

I’m like you!
I’m a high school coach and I know the frustration of trying to install and run a system that was designed for D1 programs or the NFL.  Most playbooks are long, cumbersome, and full of verbage that doesn’t make sense to 16 and 17 year old kids.  As a result, you spend all your time putting everything into words that kids can actually understand and rewriting the playbook so that it makes sense for your guys. I’ve been there.   I have lived this frustration!

So, I have created a passing game and and Air Raid Playbook that is simple, concise, and easy to implement
It is the same Air Raid Playbook and offense made famous at Kentucky and Texas Tech, but it is simplified and geared toward high school athletes.  I designed it with four goals in mind.  I want you to increase production, give your QB a chance to succeed, reduce injury, and have fun. If you want a passing game that accomplishes these four goals, download the playbook now and start Winning With the Pass!

The Air Raid Playbook:
The Air Raid is a progression based offense. It is the best offense for high school because it is systematic. If you can teach your QB to count to 3, then you can install and run the Air Raid Offense. The concepts are designed to take advantage at every defensive scheme. This Air Raid Playbook will make your offense more explosive than ever.
Air Raid Concepts:
This version of the Air Raid playbook is flexible. In high school, the most important thing is that our best players are on the field and in a place to contribute. At it’s heart, it is a one back system designed to be run out of Ace and Trips. But, any formation can really be an Air Raid Formation. The concepts are the most important thing. The Air Raid Passing game is flexible because you can use it as a complement to your current offensive system and formations. You can run the Air Raid Offense as a Spread Offensive System or you can run these concepts with two tight ends or two backs.

This Playbook Contains:

  • 7 Quick Game Concepts

  • 8 Drop Back Concepts

  • 4 Sprint Out Concepts

  • Simple QB progressions for every concept

  • 2x2, 3x1, and Empty Sets

  • 5 and 6 man protection schemes vs multiple defensive fronts

Download the Playbook

Download your Free Air Raid Playbook  and learn how to Win With The Pass

THE Air Raid Offense