The All Hitch Concept

The All Hitch Concept


The all hitch concept may be the simplest route in our playbook. It’s exactly as it sounds…4 hitches. It’s actually kind of embarrassing that it works so well. But, that’s why I love it. It is such an easy throw and such an easy route to coach. And, because most of us see soft cover 4 or soft man a lot of the time, it is incredibly effective.

In our playbook, we call the all hitch concept “White.” If you have downloaded the Free Air Raid Playbook, white is on page 19.

The all hitch concept is a simple outside to inside read by the QB. First, he identifies the side of the field pre-snap. Then he simply reads outside hitch to inside hitch. Sometimes pre-snap coverage or the hash mark will simply dictate where goes with the football.

The key is timing. You have to coach your QB to get the ball out now! He won’t have time to find the laces. Catch the snap, get the ball up and get rid of it!

In the video above, I take you through the read and a few clips of us running the all hitch concept effectively. If you haven’t installed it yet, put it in to take advantage of soft coverage.