Screen Game

Screen Game


Today we are going to talk about the screen game. If you have not yet downloaded the Screen Game playbook from Win With the Pass click here to download it now. Like all of the playbooks on our site, it is completely free.

Personally, I love the screen game. They are easy throws and easy catches and you don’t really have to block anyone to be successful at it. If you have not yet worked the screen game into your offense, I want to encourage you to focus on throwing a few more screens this week.

Today, I want to take you through a cutup from our game this week. Last night, we faced a front that liked to bring pressure. It was a perfect time to throw a lot of screens. Specifically, we had a lot of success with the Texas screen concept.

In the following video, I take you through the play concept and a cutup of us running this play successfully. The Concept is simple enough. To the defense, you want it to look like stretch. Your o line is going to sell stretch for three steps and then release flat, creating a wall for you slot receiver. This play can torch defenses!

Good luck this week Coach. As always feel free to check in if you have any questions.