RPO (Run/pass options)

RPO (Run/pass options)

RPO Offense

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Because I don’t want to assume anything, let me do a quick explanation of what we mean when we say RPO Offense. A Run/Pass Option is an option you give your QB based on how the defense reacts either before or after the snap of the ball.

So, let’s say you want to pair a screen with a run play. Your linemen will block the run play and your receivers will run the screen. Then, you will let your QB make the decision as to where to go with the football.

We believe in reactive offensive football, which means that we want to see how the defense aligns and then react to it. An RPO is an extension of this philosophy. The point of RPO offense is to put the defense in a situation where they cannot be right. They have to choose whether to defend the run or the passEither way, they make the wrong decision and the offense wins. If you want to hear more about this philosophy, click here!

RPO offense is one of the most frequently addressed topics in the emails you guys send. I have written on the topic in the past, but today’s post is a video because sometimes you just have to see it in action. So, we are going to look at one RPO concept that will hopefully help inspire you to pair your quick game and screen game with your run concepts.