A Crash Course on Pass Protection

Crash Course on Pass Protection

A Crash Course on Pass Protection

I have gotten a lot of questions regarding pass protection via email from those of you going through the Air Raid Course and from those of you that have just downloaded the Air Raid Playbook.

There are a lot of pass protection philosophies and I’ve tried them all…slide protection, zone schemes, fan protection, etc.  Maybe you aren’t an o-line guy so your approach has been to defer to your o-line coach and let him coach up the pass protection scheme.  Maybe you don’t really have a consistent scheme, you just gameplan every week based on what your opponent does.  These are all possibilities and I understand the reasoning behind each.

But, I think I have a solution that works.  Much like the rest of the offense, it’s simple and efficient.  There are standard pass protection rules that can be applied across every front so that you don’t have to teach an reteach every single week.  It’s a man scheme that relies upon the RB and the uncovered linemen to read and pick up blitzing linebackers.  Once you see how it works, I think you will love the concepts and find it really effective.

I love to write, but pass protection is better explained with video and audio.  Most of the time I like to keep the videos short, but I broke my own rule here.  This is 40 minutes of content, discussion, and cutups.  I hope that it’s helpful and that you can  apply the principles. Thanks again guys, I really appreciate you. Click on the thumbnail and enjoy!