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Gameplanning – Spread Offense Tips

Today’s post comes from an email question from Coach Jeff Governale. He had a few questions about a few topics related to Gameplanning that I thought were relevant to all of us. So, I thought I would let you in on a little part of our conversation. GAMEPLANNING WITH SCOUT CARDS Let’s start with this…I […]

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I Hate Banquets

Our culture loves awards. But I hate banquets. I hate awards. I hate all-conference voting. I hate newspaper articles. I hate stats. Maybe it’s just this time of year as fall sports are winding down and people are starting to get recognized (or not recognized) for their on-field achievements. Or, maybe I have just reached […]

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How Football is Ruining the Culture of High School – And How You Can Fight the Trend

Is football ruining high school? I say yes! Actually, let’s back up. Sports are ruining high school. But, because this is a website about football we will stay with that topic and focus on the ways in which, over the last ten years or so, football, and more specifically football coaches, have begun to undermine […]